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Updated: Apr 17, 2018

One of the hardest things at the top of the day is getting on with the job in hand. Well, it is for me anyway. The myriad pings, beeps and duck calls of my digital social life form a dawn chorus of distraction as I fire up my laptop, urging me, siren-like, to linger a while and engage with the musings of the known and unknown friends, followers and contacts in my cloud. And I enjoy it. I try to set myself a time limit for this, eking out my indulgence as little treat pockets across the day.

But time, as I am learning in the research and planning for my next book, is a fluid and tricksy mistress, and hours on end can be lost in online frippary, humorous hashtaggery and skateboarding doggery. So it must stop. Well, not stop, but be managed. Much like a calorie counter for my writing productivity, I have set myself limits. I have invested in a handy little piece of software called Freedom, which allows you to shut down your internet connection for a set period of time. It sits there, like a little angel on my monitor, and stops the temptation to procrastinate. So here's to #freedom, and #words and #writing. #productivity #writingtips

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